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Shopping Malls

Shopping in Abu Dhabi is like nowhere else on earth: whatever you have on your list, you’ll be guaranteed to find. Iconic architectural landmarks as well as prestigious fashion outlets, these buildings are places of glamour and great fun!

From Mercedes-Benz to Marks and Spencer, there’s no shortage of variety when it comes to exploring Abu Dhabi’s malls. The Marina Mall has over 400 shops spread over 5 levels, with a number of anchor stores.

The newly opened Yas Mall represents Abu Dhabi in one incredible building. A multitude of shops, entertainment venues and motorcars fill the grand building. Combining classical Arabian architecture with modern design creates an ethereal atmosphere: perfect for wandering around until your heart’s content, without rushing or being crowded. From Lego to special events, cinemas to serious shopping, Yas Mall is one of Abu Dhabi’s newest, brightest venues.

Shop, dine or be entertained at the Abu Dhabi Mall. Home to every shop under the sun, from recognisable brands like Boots, to Persian antiques and carpets.

Regardless of your budget, style or fashion sense, Abu Dhabi’s malls are worth exploring for their great bargains, wide range of shops and variety of entertainment venues.