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Street Food

Street food is one of the best parts of Abu Dhabi: tasty, addictive and cheap, this food is perfect as a snack on the go. With different vendors located on every street in the city, you can travel the culinary world, by walking in slightly different directions. From Arabian treats to American chains, you won’t be disappointed at any meal-time!

From hazy shisha cafes to charming Arabic hideaways, there are plenty of cafes and outlets to choose from, meaning an early afternoon snack or late morning meal are easy to find.

Street food ranges from Vietnamese to Korean, Japanese to Indian, with plenty of Arabic kebabs and snacks to try. If you fancy something more familiar, there are many fast-food outlets in Abu Dhabi, where you can pick up a pizza, Burger King or KFC.

Alternatively, if you’re staying in self-catered or half-board accommodation, there are many large supermarket chains selling a wide variety of foods. From British and American brands to interesting, exotic ingredients, you’ll be able to experiment across culinary cultures.

For an incredible day out, try having high tea at the Observatory, Etihad Towers, or in the Emirates Palace Hotel. These afternoon delights promise spectacular views and spectacular food, for a once in a lifetime experience.