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Sand Surfing

While there’s no lack of water sports in Abu Dhabi, why not swap the surf for the sand, and try your luck at taking on the desert dunes? A fast-paced, easy to learn activity, sand surfing is fun and safe – with the added bonus of a soft landing if you fall off!

A skier or surfer’s paradise, the dunes surrounding Abu Dhabi reach almost 300m, making it perfect for picking up some speed and scorching down the hot sand. For beginners, there are plenty of gentler slopes for you to pick the basics up on. It’s an addicting sport though, so your first time won’t be your last!

The desert temperatures can rapidly soar during the day, so the ideal time to head up is in the early morning, where you’ll be greeted with warm winds and a breath-taking view of the sun rising over the golden dunes.

Sand surfing in Abu Dhabi isn’t to be missed: exhilarating and adventurous, it’s the perfect way to experience the desert in all its glory.