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Camel Riding

There are many ways to see the desert: in a car, on a horse, on a board – but none as magnificent as on the back of a camel. An integral part of Abu Dhabi’s culture and history, these ships of the desert helped the nomadic Bedouins to journey their way around the UAE.

Step back in time and relive the days of ancient Arabia, as you sway back and forth on the back of camel, leisurely exploring the land they helped to tame. You’ll be securely fastened to your mount, and as the tour lengthens and you get accustomed to the camel’s meandering movements, you’ll find yourself ready to explore the entire desert!

You can find tours that will include a couple of hours on camel-back, as well as a number of other desert based activities, like falconry, dune bashing or san surfing. Alternatively, if you fancy something faster, Abu Dhabi is home to a number of prestigious camel races – you’ll never see anything else like it!

Rides usually depart first thing in the morning, or at sunset, ensuring you see the desert at the best times: see how the colour on the sand changes as the sunlight grows or fades away.