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Arabian Heritage

From traditional falconry displays to Arabian Night camps, belly-dancing and shisha, there are a million adventures to be had when you let the emirate’s history swallow you into the desert.

Experience the timeless beauty of the desert and the mythical Emirati heritage at the Arabian Nights Village. Located deep into the golden sand dunes around Al Ain, this Arabian camp is a hidden jewel, waiting to be discovered. Immerse yourself into a host of different activities, and let the luxurious camp whisk you away.

Find a cultivated palm forest in the centre of the desert at the Liwa Oasis. It has always been a region used by Bedouin tribes, and its mysticism and history must be experienced.

Many tours are available that will take you through the cultural footsteps of Abu Dhabi: you’ll get to witness the magical relationship between handler and falcon, visit Arab horses, the purest breed on Earth, learn how to belly-dance, or simply indulge in food, drink and aromatic shisha.