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Emirates Palace

One of Abu Dhabi’s most unique and iconic landmarks, Emirates Palace combines Arabian magnificence with the trailblazing technological developments. The majestic hotel rises from the desert sand, its elaborate and timeless architecture standing out from the buildings around it.

Guaranteeing a magical, memorable stay, this hotel is built over 200 acres. Home to 394 guestrooms, the hotel is divided into rooms, extravagant suites and suites for Heads of State. The building also has a conference centre, guest palace and two Kempinksi hotel wings.

The building’s golden colour contrasts with the luscious green gardens around it, while traditional materials and etchings combine with marble and granite, with self-cleaning glass. Beautiful fountains and water features echo back Abu Dhabi’s blue skies during the day, while at night a kaleidoscopic rainbow-effect on the lighting cascades over the Palace’s main dome.

Gold, Mother of Pearl and crystals cover the hotel’s interior design, with over 1,000 chandeliers swinging from ornate ceilings.

While staying at the hotel requires a very large budget, it has plenty of restaurants, bars and landscaped gardens, all of which are open to the public.