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There’s very little on earth that can’t be done in Dubai. Fancy surfing down billowing sand dunes? Browsing around one of the world’s biggest shopping centres? Dining in the only 7-star hotel? Skiing on snow, in 40 degree heat? Done, done, done, and done. From relaxing beach days, to action packed extreme sports, shopping and evening entertainment, sight-seeing and being at one with nature, you’ll have endless possibilities.

Get to know the Emirate with guided excursions: you’ll find a tour for everything. Explore the desert, the city, the shopping centres and the Islands, go on safari, or enjoy a serene cruise. Once you’ve got your bearings and had a taste of what the state has to offer, you’ll be ready to venture off alone and enjoy the sights, sand and shopping by yourself.

From rugged mountain ranges to sleek skylines, Dubai’s landscape has to be seen to be believed. Plush, air-conditioned hotels and shopping centres give way to ancient Arabian souks, well-maintained beaches and parks slowly turn to sand, as the desert creeps up on the city’s edges. Visit the iconic, record-breaking Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab, then soak up the culture and history of the city in its heritage villages and old buildings.

If you’re on a tight budget, or tight time-frame, you won’t miss out on anything: whistle-stop tours of Dubai are easy to plan and even easier to fill, and there are plenty of hotels and food outlets that cater for people not wanting to spend a fortune. If you are, however, in for the long haul, or fancy blowing your budget, you won’t have an issue. Dubai loves luxury, and you can guarantee you’ll find a standard of holidaying that blows nearly every other destination out of the water.