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Corniche and Waterfront

This eight kilometre long walkway stretches between the beautiful city and the even more spectacular beaches. Stroll along the manicured waterfront – or cycle, with designated areas for both pedestrians and those on bicycles.

Explore a huge range of cafes and restaurants and let children blow off steam at the numerous playgrounds and parks that line the walk. During the day, you’re likely to have the Corniche to yourself, due to the high temperatures, but once the evening arrives and the heat fades, a lively atmosphere builds along the promenade.

Incredible water features culminate in the Volcano Fountain, midway along the Corniche. On top of the waterworks, there are incredible views either side of you: to one side you have turquoise waters and a white sandy beach, and to the other is the city itself: sprawling skyscrapers at the peak of modernity.

The highlight of the Corniche, is its beach. Stretching along Corniche Road, from the Hilton Hotel to Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street, Corniche Beach is one of Abu Dhabi’s must see locations. Its warm waters are supervised by lifeguards, and a floating barrier 40 metres from shore keeps all swimmers and paddlers safe. With Blue Flag status, Corniche Beach is a must for any visitor.

Beach umbrellas can be hired, and while during the week they are easy to come by, weekends are often busier, so it’s advisable to head down early and get your spot for the day.