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Abu Dhabi City

Charming Arabian culture meets sleek, modern skyscrapers, as Abu Dhabi soars to become one of the top tourist destinations around the world. The city has everything you could want: from high fashion to good food, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Shopping fans will have their hands full with luxury malls to Arabian souks to browse, and those in need of some rest and relaxation will find it by the bucket load – Abu Dhabi’s indulgent spas are worth every penny.

Accommodation is easy to find in the city, and ranges from budget to boutique. Some of the best hotels in the city have their own restaurants and bars to dine in, all of which come highly recommended.

Food is plentiful in Abu Dhabi, and you’ll be able to eat whatever your taste buds desire. From Arabian delicacies to meals cooked by international chefs, such as Gary Rhodes, you’ll be able to find foods from around the world, at prices to suit your pocket.

Discover the history of Abu Dhabi and the depth of its culture: mosques and information centres open to Western tourists help to promote the state’s heritage, people and religion, ensuring that any visit to Abu Dhabi isn’t just one filled with shopping and sunbathing.

With its brilliant year-round weather, stunning skyline and beautiful beaches in such close proximity, Abu Dhabi is an Arabian city waiting to be explored.