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Any traveller to luxurious Dubai will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing accommodation, an area to stay and where to visit. From the magnificent skyscrapers to the ancient Bedouin tribes, there’s Arabian charm and modern day elegance down every road.

Disappear into souks and eat as much street food as possible, sunbathe on white sands next to blue seas, or marvel at the expenditure, class and style that encompasses Dubai’s buildings. All areas of Dubai are unique, offering new experiences and sights every day.

Starting from the heart of Dubai, the Creek, and working out from there is the ideal way to explore Dubai and choose the best place to stay. From luxury to elegance, budget to boutique, no visitor will ever be short of places to stay.

With Jumeriah’s proximity to beach parks and hotel stretches, and Deira’s collection of souks and Arabian charms, as well as the futuristic skyline of Downtown Dubai, every holiday can be different every day.