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Taxis are a cheap, safe and effective way to get around Abu Dhabi. From standard cars to minibuses and even limousines, you can choose the way you’re driven around the city.

Fares are low compared to most countries around the world, though tipping is customary at the end of the journey. Cash is the preferred method of payment, as nearly all taxis do not accept credit cards, however some hotels will simply add the fares to your accommodation tariff, and charge you for your journeys at the end of your holiday.

It’s easy (and advisible) to book taxis in advance. Your hotel will be able to call one for you, or provide you a number for a recommended firm. It’s possible to flag taxis down on the side of the road as well.

Faster and more comfortable than public buses, taxis can whiz you around the city in moments, meaning you can see as much of Abu Dhabi as possible, without spending a fortune on taxi fares, or spending hours walking through the city’s streets.