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Getting Around in Abu Dhabi

Once you’ve landed, don’t waste time searching for your accommodation on foot. Abu Dhabi has hot, humid weather most of the year, and while it’s perfect for relaxing by the beach, it isn’t ideal for wheeling heavy suitcases around!

Abu Dhabi has a great network of public transport that runs to and around the airport and beyond, including buses and shuttle-links. The inter-terminal shuttle runs regularly, taking passengers between terminals, meaning you don’t have to carry any bags for long distances! The bus service will take you directly into the city centre, stopping at many of the popular tourist and business spots.

For an easier journey into Abu Dhabi and around the city, opt for a taxi. With regulated fares and strict meters, you’ll never be overcharged. Getting around the city is affordable, and saves you walking in the heat.

Alternatively, there are plenty of car rental companies at the airport. However, as is similar with most Middle Eastern countries, driving can be quite lawless, and it is often better to let someone used to the way the traffic works to drive you around. 



Reasonable fares and an air-conditioned fleet make taxis the best way to get around Abu Dhabi.