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Doing Business in Abu Dhabi

Doing business in Abu Dhabi is a great way to combine culture and work, and expand your knowledge of the Middle East. Whether you’re working with Emirati businesses, or simply staging an international event in the state, there are certain things to be aware of.

Conference venues are easy to find, and are vastly superior to many western choices. The Arabian culture places heavy emphasis on hospitality, so any event can be expected to run smoothly with attention paid to the smallest of details. From staging events at golf courses to the city’s seven-star hotel, you can ensure brilliant views, great weather and every amenity you could possibly need.

New industries are popping up all over the state and the city’s economy is booming, in part due to its tourist trade. Similarly, international companies are starting to open more and more offices in the city, in anticipation of its current and future role in the world’s economy.

Getting to Abu Dhabi is easy, especially with Etihad Airway's business rates. A score above the rest of the airlines, this carrier exceeds all expectations, and any need can be accommodated. From privacy around your seat, to your own private suite, no matter what your seniority is – or the seniority of the person being flown in, you’ll be guaranteed a smooth, hospitable flight.