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Food and Lifestyle

Exotic, aromatic and delicious surprises await any visitor who experiences Abu Dhabi’s range of food festivals. With such a huge importance placed on dining and cuisine, it’s no surprise that Abu Dhabi hosts so many food festivals in such an extravagant way.

Abu Dhabi Food Festival, lasting throughout February, is the ideal event for food-lovers. Aspiring chefs, home-bakers and exotic experimenters can watch international and local chefs demonstrating their skills. Pick up tips, discover new ingredients and recipes and find tastes to suit every palate.

Part of the Food Festival is StreetFeast, a celebration of road-side and street food. Food from a variety of countries around the world will be served up around the city, Al Gharbia and Al Ain. Sold at affordable prices and from different types of vehicles, including caravans and food tricks, it’s an amazing culinary experience and a chance to try a host of different meals.

Emirati Kitchen, another part of the Abu Dhabi Food Festival, celebrates the dishes, recipes and ingredients local to the UAE. It aims to build awareness of traditional foods, giving visitors the chance to learn to cook some of the UAE’s most famous and traditional meals. Supported by a host of top Emirati chefs, cooking workshops and traditional shops, you’ll be able to buy Emirati spices and cooking utensils, as well as learning how to cook.

The last section of the Food Festival is Gourmet Abu Dhabi. Michelin star chefs and hospitality experts are hosted by some of Abu Dhabi’s top hotels in putting on gourmet dinners, masterclasses and industry insights.

For a dazzling time, visit Abu Dhabi during May for its International Jewellery and Watch Show. Displaying some of the biggest and best names in the industry, the festival is home to exclusive jewellery sets, everyday pieces and the glamour that goes alongside it.