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The Travelling Speeds of Animals

There are so many fantastic, exotic animals around the world. Many we are familiar with on a day-to-day business such as the garden snail, but there are some we may be less familiar with such as the sand cat, native to Abu Dhabi and the other United Arab Emirates. Most of us know about some of the speeds that some animals can reach, such as the cheetah being able to run up to 70mph, but what about the speed of a peregrine falcon, or a grizzly bear?

Our latest infographic looks at the speeds of different animals around the world, and how this speed would feel for a human who was 5’8” tall. Obviously the speed of a house mouse in reality is only very slow, only around 8mph, but for its size, it would feel around 155mph for a human! We’ve also included Usain Bolt in the infographic, representing humankind, as he is the fastest man on earth. Are there any animals that you think would surprise you with their speed? Take a look at the infographic below to find out.