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When to go

In terms of the weather, the best time to visit Abu Dhabi is between October and March. The temperatures are beginning to cool, meaning outside exploration is comfortable. Enjoying the beaches, nature reserves and leisure activities are ideal to do at this time.

Rain is rare throughout the year, but the temperatures reached in July and August can sometimes be unbearable, hitting 40C regularly. If you’re happy to stay inside the heavily air conditioned buildings, then the summer is fine to visit in. It’s also Abu Dhabi’s off-peak season, so you can grab some great bargains.

November to March are much cooler, meaning it’s possible to go outside and enjoy yourself. October, March and April are the best months for enjoying the beach, thanks to relatively cool weather and warm seas.

October through to April are generally the best months to spend in Abu Dhabi, as you’ll be able to fully explore the city and it what it has to offer, as well as a bursting calendar of activities.